Workshop on Web 2.0 technologies in education

Kochi University of Technology, JALTCALL and JALT East Shikoku come together to host a workshop and symposium on Web2.0 technologies in education.

: Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008

: Kochi University of Technology, Tosayamada, Kochi, JAPAN
(3rd floor of K-building, located on the east side of campus, near the student cafeteria)
Time: 10:20 – 16:30

: This event will host a number of educational technology professionals from Japan, America, and the U.K. Our key-note speaker, Dr. Michael Vallance (Hakodate Future University), will conduct a workshop on podcasts and the educational use of i-pods. Other invited speakers include Gordon Bateson(Kanazawa University), Takahiro Ioroi (Kochi Women’s University), and Mark Shrosbree (Tokai University). Other workshop topics will include eLearning systems, mobile learning and video editing. Today’s global learning environments have benefited tremendously from the emergence of web 2.0, the revolutionary second generation of web-based platforms and services. Web 2.0 technologies such as podcasts, mobile blogs and video sharing have the potential to greatly enable the promotion of interaction and social construction of knowledge both inside and outside the classroom. In Japan, mobile technology is ubiquitous; as a result there are a large number of possibilities for integrating the technology that students are already using in their personal lives into pedagogy and curriculum design. This colloquium, with its hands-on workshops, will allow participants to explore Web 2.0 technologies and their relationship with education and pedagogy, and to benefit from the practical experience of expert practitioners.

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