ESJALT in Kagawa with Shirley Leane

**Presentation**: Making our Teaching More Effective
**Speaker:** Shirley Leane
**Time: **June 13 (Sun), 1:00-2:30
**Place**: Kagawa University, Educational Faculty Campus, Room 411
Many people who come to Japan to teach English have had no formal teacher training, and others of us may have forgotten many of the things we learnt. In this workshop we will discuss ways to make our teaching more effective, and how we can better support language learners in our classrooms.

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Speaker: Linda Ohama, Award-winning Japanese-Canadian film director


Linda Ohama is currently residing in Onomichi, Hiroshima, where she is filming for a future project.
Film screening: Fusions of the Heart, Ishizue
New short documentary by Linda Ohama (36 min., filmed on location in Onomichi, Japan [Engl./Jpn.]). It is a story about one’s roots and branches and why it is important to develop and maintain one’s roots to understand one’s place in our world. Thirteen young Nikkei Canadian youth known as Chibi Taiko (6-23 years old) travel to Japan to discover their roots and learn to play taiko – traditional drum – with an Onomichi taiko group, Betchar Daiko. Ishizue follows their journey with surprising results for both the Canadians and the Japanese.
Time: June 12 (Sat) 3:00-5:00 pm
Place: KWU Eikokuji Campus (Nansha) Room 137
Sponsored by East Shikoku JALT and Kochi Women’s University