Older Students as both Teachers and Learners

Date and Time: Sunday, 27 March 2011 – 10:00am – 11:30am
Speaker: Tadashi Ishida
The presenter will discuss how a social educational organization called PEACE has helped promote international understanding and intercultural communication between Japanese and non-Japanese people through the medium of English. He will also report on PEACE’s activities, including demonstrations of calligraphy, the tea ceremony and how to put on a kimono, as well as musical performances using Japanese musical instruments, and a program that matches up non-Japanese visitors with volunteer tour guides. The presentation will end with a case study illustrating what happened at a festival where international students from Waseda University carried a portable shrine with the help of residents of a downtown Tokyo community.
This is a co-sponsored event held in conjunction with the West Tokyo Chapter.

Presentations for LLEP university students

Date and Time: Saturday, 26 March 2011 – 1:30pm – 2:20pm
Speaker: Peter Ross
Asking university students to give in-class presentations can be an excellent way to stimulate enthusiasm and generate meaningful discussion, leaving students with a feeling of success and accomplishment. However, asking students at a low level of English proficiency to present on topics that are too hard for them can accomplish just the opposite, leading to frustration for all concerned– the audience, the teacher, and the presenters themselves. One solution is to steer LLEP students away from research-based presentations in favor of simple, non-academic topics, asking presenters to draw information from their own experience, expertise and imagination. Participants in this workshop will construct a sample non-academic presentation, and view videos of successful student performance.