Taking the leap from language learning to language using

Speaker: Naomi Wilks-Smith, RMIT University
Date and timeTuesday, May the 8th at 6:30pm
Location: Room A108 of the KUT Eikokuji Campus, 2-22 Eikokujichō, Kōchi-shi, Kōchi-ken 780-0844

Abstract: A significant hurdle for learners of languages is the confidence to use the language meaningfully. Many learners have studied a second language for years, but still lack the confidence to use the language in an authentic context. This gap highlights the difference between learning a language and using a language. Learning a language does not always translate to being able to use the language in context. So, what can we do as teachers to increase learners’ productive language output and, importantly, build the confidence in learners to use their second languages? Continue reading