Webinar Event: Moodle 101

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of using a Learner Management System (LMS) like Moodle for the first time, or if you would like some ideas for using Moodle under these difficult new teaching circumstances, please join us in this virtual seminar.

  • Speakers: Paul Daniels and Gordon Bateson
  • Date/Time: Friday, April 24 (12:00-2:00, JST))

Paul Daniels and Gordon Bateson from Kochi University of Technology, have kindly agreed to lead an online workshop for teachers about Moodle. Paul and Gordon have strong expertise and extensive experience with Moodle. They will do a two-part workshop.

The Webinar will be held from 12:00-2:00 on Friday, April 24. Don’t worry if you can’t join the webinar at that time. It will be recorded and made available online. Paul or

** If you missed the webinar, you can download it here. **

Title (Part 1): Getting started with Moodle

Presenter: Paul Daniels
Presentation Content: 
Setting up a new Moodle course.
Adding/editing sections in a course.
Adding students to a course.
Setting an enroll key for a course.
Adding resources (documents, URLs, audio/video) Uploading documents to a course.

Paul Daniels is a professor at Kochi University of Technology. His research
involves CALL, ESP and project-based-instruction. He actively develops
Moodle plugins and mobile apps for language learning. His most recent
project involves using ASR to automatically score speech.

Title (Part 2): Making activities in Moodle

Presenter: Gordon Bateson
Presentation Content:
Moodle Assignments (administering online assignments with text, audio, & video).
Moodle Quizzes (Creating online quiz activities).
Moodle groups

Gordon Bateson is an English teacher and CALL researcher in Japan. He has
university degrees in Computer Science (B.Sc.) and Teaching English for
Specific Purposes (M.Sc.). He has developed many plugins for Moodle and uses
them for the benefit of his students. He regularly gives presentations and
leads workshops about Moodle at international conferences and gatherings all
over Japan. He is currently vice-president of the Moodle Association of
Japan (MAJ).

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