Practical Classroom Ideas for Teaching Japanese

Guest speaker: Takame Ueki-Sabine (University of Tasmania)
Title: Practical Classroom Ideas for Teaching Japanese
Place: Kochi Women’s University, 2nd floor seminar room (directly above the main entrance)
Date/Time: December 23rd, 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Presentation content:
Takame will give a 30-minute workshop on concrete teaching ideas for the Japanese language classroom. This presentation will have participants taking an active (and sometimes physical!) role as Takame guides teachers through her teaching methods. She will discuss approaches/methods for different levels of Japanese teaching. She requests that participants wear loose and comfortable clothing. Takame will then spend some time to discuss the JATS (Japanese Assistant Teaching Scheme), a ten-month Japanese teaching internship she coordinates for Tasmanian schools. Prospective Japanese teachers will be interested in this unique Australian programme.
Speaker profile:
Takame Ueki-Sabine is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Asian Languages and Studies at the University of Tasmania. She has wide expertise in Japanese as a Foreign Language (JFL) with over 20 years in the field. Takame’s guiding principle as a teacher is based on “what would be best for the students” which she has practiced throughout her teaching career. She has received a Teaching Excellency Award and three teaching merits at the University of Tasmania. As coordinator of JATS, she has helped place several local student-teachers in Tasmanian schools.

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