East Shikoku JALT event on technologies in education

Event Date: Sunday, Jan. 24, 2010

Time: 13:00 – 15:00
Location: Kochi University of Technology, Tosayamada, Kochi, Japan
(3rd floor of K-building, located on the east side of campus, near the student cafeteria)
Map: https://esjalt.org/eastshikoku/archives/2010/01/east_shikoku_ja_4.html#more
Event Description
This event will feature a number of educational technology professionals from the Shikoku region and will include both hands-on workshops and digital poster sessions.
Workshop titles and poster sessions

1:00-1:40: Workshop 1: Multimedia content creation tools for language teaching

Presenter: Paul Daniels

Abstract: An important component of language learning is visual and audio input, particularly at limited language proficiency levels. Multimedia can greatly enhance learner understanding of the language content. This practical workshop will introduce basic tools that can be used to create and deliver images, audio and video for language instruction. The following topics will be covered in this workshop. Depending on the number and level of computer proficiency of the participants, this workshop may be divided into two groups.

• Recording and embedding media into online content.
• Adding multimedia to online quizzes and language practice activities
• Using PowerPoint as an content creation tool rather than a presentation tool
• Creating instructional content with Camtasia Studio

• Web-based multimedia media creation & delivery tools

1:40-2:20 Workshop 2: Introducing Low Intermediate Students to Collocations using Google Search

Presenter: Professor Trudie Heiman, Tokushima Bunri University

Abstract: This workshop will demonstrate how to use Google Search to introduce Low Intermediate Level learners to Collocations. Understanding and using collocations can significantly improve students writing and help move the L2 learner toward more native- like fluency. A brief introduction to collocations and detailed demonstrations on how to introduce collocations will be given. Before and after samples of student work will be provided to illustrate how understanding collocations improve their ability to use words correctly and appropriately.

2:20-3:00 Poster sessions

Poster 1: The Lexical Portfolio

Presenter: Professor Trudie Heiman, Tokushima Bunri University

Poster 2: Applying Moodle’s Survey and Quiz Functions to the Classroom

Presenter: Andrew Oberg

Poster 3: Can the listening experience be enhanced through use of visual referencing?

Presenter: Michael Sharpe

Poster 4: Designing iPhone or iTouch apps for language instruction

Presenter: Paul Daniels

Poster 5: Ideas and Resources for English Teachers Using iPod Touch

Presenter: David Grant

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