1st Annual Shikoku JALT Regional Conference

**Date**: Saturday, May 29, 2010 (1:00-­‐5:30)
**Venue**: Kochi University, Media Library, 6th Floor
**Sponsors**: East Shikoku JALT & Matsuyama JALT
**Website**: http://esjalt.org
**JALT Members and students**: free
**One-­‐Day Member Fee**: 1000 yen
1:00-1:10 Welcome
1:10-2:00 Keynote Lecture (6F)
Ian Isemonger (Kumamoto University, JALT Journal Editor)
In this keynote lecture, Ian Isemonger, JALT Journal Editor, discusses the state of the research trajectory in applied linguistics and the rapidly changing publishing environment in which this trajectory finds public expression. The lecture is primarily concerned with issues which pose a threat to the integrity of research in the area.
2:00-2:30 Featured Speakers (concurrent)
(6F) **Masahiro Nagasaki (Kochi University of Technology)**
**Title**: Changing EFL reading classrooms into “Reading Workshops”
Reading workshops can change students to effective and lifelong readers (Rountas and Pinnell, 2001). In reading workshops, students read because they find it fun and meaningful. However, in EFL classrooms, students read because they are required to read. Research on integrating reading workshops into EFL is being implemented and results are positive. The students read more, for joy and
with purpose.
(2F) **Harry Carley (Matsuyama University)**
**Title**: Team Teaching: The Total Team
Team teaching is most commonly understood as two instructors sharing a class. The presenter will explain how TT actually stands for the ‘total team’. Who the members are on this total team will be examined and explained. Hopefully upon completion the listener will come away with a broader understanding of their position in the classroom and how they fit on the ‘total team’.
**Concurrent presentation sessions:**
(6F) Ian Willey Checking Native Checking
(2F) Rudolf Reinelt Using Media in Rating 2nd FL Oral Examinations
(6F) Marcus Otlowski Establishing an Instructor-Learner Dialogue
(2F) David Patterson “How Sweet the Sound? Pronunciation in Performance”
3:30-4:00 **BREAK**
(6F) Brett Milliner Effective Listening Assessment
(2F) Daniel Ribble & Joanna Hare Techniques for Using Film in the Classroom
(6F) Jennie Milliner Learner Perceptions of Computer-assisted vs. Face-to-face Peer Feedback on Writing
(2F) Paul Batten & Gerardine McCrohan Testing Communicative Compensatory
(6F) Jeremiah Mock The Insight Playshop™ Approach to Adult Learning
5:30-6:00 Steering committee meeting: 2nd Shikoku JALT Conference (Matsuyama 2011)
6:30~ Party – Dandan Gikyo (段々桔梗)
Myanmar/Japanese fusion, 4500 yen (drinks and food included)
Additional information and map can be downloaded here: 1stShikokuJALTProgram.pdf