Bern Mulvey speaks on University Accreditation: How It Impacts You

Date/Time/Place: Saturday, Nov. 13th, Kagawa University, Education Faculty Campus, Room 411 (3:30-5:30)
As of 2004, all universities in Japan must submit to an external accreditation evaluation every seven years. They receive detailed written assessments which are made public. They also receive grades: pass, probation, and fail. MEXT, hopes these new requirements will induce improvements in teaching and research quality. Universities are being prodded into a greater level of transparency in regard to finances, grading policies, and even hiring practices. Harassment prevention procedures have had to be adopted. These accreditation assessments also serve to confirm both the presence of on-campus “Faculty Development” committees and the effectiveness of their various activities.
University accreditation, at least in theory, represents an unparalleled opportunity to achieve meaningful, lasting educational reform in this country. However, as is often the case with reform attempts of this scope, the reality is much more complex and, particularly with regards to EFL classes and their (often non-Japanese) instructors, troubling.
In his presentation, Bern Mulvey will provide a critical overview of the accreditation requirements, including both the associated problems and the potential opportunities they represent.
Speaker Profile:
Bern Mulvey has served as Dean at a Japanese university which was undergoing accreditation and headed an accreditation committee. He is therefore able to provide valuable first-hand insights not available elsewhere in English. He currently works at Iwate University, so this may be your only chance to hear him speak in Western Japan.
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