ESJALT Roundtable 2011 “Tackling Local Problems Globally”

Theme: Teachers talk on improving classrooms with featured speaker Dr. Peter Mickan
(Post Graduate Applied Linguistics Program Coordinator at the University of Adelaide)
Special Guest: Dr. Kim, Young-Min (English Education Department Professor at Daegu National University of Education specializing in elementary school English Education)
Day: February 18, 2011 (Friday)
Time: 18:00 to 19:30
Place: University of Tokushima Ctr. of Gen. Ed. Bldg #5 2nd floor Meeting Room.
Fee: JALT members JPN 500 (for dinner and refreshments)
non-JALT members JPN 1,000
Agenda: We will start off with our Featured Address centered on how we live with all forms of texts (i.e. discourses) and how we make sense these texts (i.e. communication). For us teachers, this will be significant in how we are to help students make meaning from these texts and the role grammar plays in these texts.
The address will be followed by a roundtable discussion to explore methods of improving our EFL classrooms. This roundtable will be an opportunity for teachers to engage in an open and rewarding discussion with colleagues in other institutions to share stories not only for encouragement but a chance to pick up some fresh strategies to enhance your own classroom. So, come with any questions or issues you might have in your day-to-day practice and join the discussion.
Reservation and Contact: Mail Steve Fukuda at by February 14th, 2011