Learning & Technology Event

Date: December 8th
Location: University of Kochi, Eikokuji Campus, CALL Lab
Time: 5:30 – 7:00
Fee: Free for JALT members & 500 yen for non-JALT members.
This Learning & Technology panel discussion will offer the opportunity for members from the audience to discuss problems and solutions to common educational technology issues with leading educational technology teachers from the Kochi area. Each panel member will briefly introduce a topic followed by discussion.

Panel Members
1. Davey Leslie
Using Google Docs in a Collaborative Learning Writing Environment

While Google Docs is an effective tool for collaborative writing projects, its effectiveness is somewhat limited by the wide range of computer literacy that I’m finding in my classes, specifically at Kochi University’s EPIC program where “International Communication” major students often have very minimal computer literacy.
2. Loren Waller
Challenges of Using Moodle to Encourage Discussion in Japanese and English-Language Literature Classes

Facilitating discussion in classes can be a difficult task for the instructor. A number of factors make it difficult for students to contribute ideas about difficult texts in class. Having students read and prepare their ideas in advance on an online class forum such as Moodle can motivate them to think in advance about some topics that interest them, contributing to the creation of a student-centered learning environment. I will share some of my experiences of using Moodle to facilitate discussion in Japanese literature classes conducted in both Japanese and English.
3. Paul Daniels
Learner-centered verses teacher-directed classrooms- a wavering act.

Student-centered language activities, often involving the use of technology, are an essential ingredient for autonomous learning. While the rational for developing learner-centered activities is well documented, conflicting expectations between learners and teachers of the learning process can sometimes shroud the most visible path.
4. Craig Delaney
Tech support for teachers

What types of support do teachers want or expect? What do teachers do when they have tech-related problems or require help using software or IT resources?

Original Call for participation

Are you interested in sharing how you use technology to support student learning? We are currently looking for educators to submit short proposals for a ‘Digital Showcase’ for the event. The event will *not* feature formal presentations, but instead will allow time for teachers to informally discuss how technology is helping or hindering student learning. The focus should not be on the ‘wow’ effect, i.e. how a *new* technology can be used to do ‘this or that’ activity or project in the classroom, but rather on specific problems, tribulations, outcomes and/or concerns with using technology in education. We have all used technology to some extent, i.e. publishing learning content online or recording student presentations, and we have all most likely wondered at times if technology is helping or hampering the teaching/learning process. If you have used, are using, or are planning to use technology in the classroom and would like to join our discussion, please email Paul (daniels at kochi-tech.ac.jp) with a brief description of your topic for discussion by December 1st. Also, if you have any classroom activities/projects that you have completed in the past, please feel free to prepare a few slides/images to explain how technology has helped and/or hampered the teaching/learning process.