REED: The Life and Works of Roy Kiyooka

Roy Kiyooka flyer– A Film by Fumiko Kiyooka

制作:2012年/カナダ 所要時間:94分 日本語字幕あり

Date: 6月18日(火)18 : 30 〜 20 : 30
Venue: 高知県立大学永国寺キャンパス LL教室, University of Kochi, South Building, 2F, LL

REED: The Life and Works of Roy Kiyooka follows the radical times in which the artist lived, from the Beat Era to the turmoil of the 60s and redress for Japanese Canadians in the 1980s. It is an extraordinary tribute to a great artist, showing a broad spectrum of his work while revealing the personal and social history that inspired him. The filmmaker, Fumiko Kiyooka, is screening this film throughout Japan during the month of June. She will present this film and field questions after the screening.
ロイ・キヨオカ(Roy Kenzie Kiyooka, 1926-1994)カナダの写真家、詩人、芸術家。 日系カナダ人二世。大阪万博ではカナダ館の彫刻を手がけた。母親は土佐の士族の娘 。
Presenter Bio:
Fumiko Kiyooka studied film and dance at Simon Fraser University and received her MFA in film production from the University of British Columbia. Her documentaries include: REED: The Life and Works of Roy Kiyooka, The Longed-for Knowing, The Return and a six-part series about Canadian Independent filmmaking called Through the Lens. Fumiko’s films are intense and personal. They deal with art, culture, history and social issues.
協力:East Shikoku JALT 全国語学教育学会東四国支部

Free to all participants