6th Annual Shikoku JALT Conference, June 13

The 6th Annual Shikoku JALT Conference will be held at Tokushima University in Tokushima on Saturday, June 13th, 2015. The Conference will be co-sponsored by East Shikoku JALT, Matsuyama JALT, and Oxford University Press.

Conference Program & Map

Date, time & location

  • Saturday, June 13th, 1:00-5:30 (time may change slightly for scheduling purposes)
  • Tokushima University, Integrated Arts & Sciences Building 1, rooms 302-303 , Josanjima Campus

Keynote address

  • Speaker: Neil Cowie, Okayama University
  • Title: Language Teaching, Digital Technology and Assessment

Abstract: E-learning of foreign languages is spreading exponentially. Some of the many different ways this is manifested include textbook based websites, blended classrooms and wholly online environments. In turn, teachers and researchers are becoming more and more knowledgeable about the various components of e-learning. These include choices of online materials and applications, ways to organize different kinds of e-learning lessons, and the uses of different kinds of digital technology (both hardware and software). In order to try to understand the way in which e-learning is heading the presenter and his colleague carried out a three year study of university teachers in six different countries (Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, and the USA). The study examined the practices of expert teachers and found that there were many commonalities in teaching philosophy, use of technology, and classroom approach; there was, however, less information available on types of assessment. Subsequently assessment became the focus for the next round of research. This presentation will, therefore, attempt to: 1) Give an overview of current e-learning practices in EFL/ESL. 2) Report on ways that teachers can give feedback and assess student work using digital technology. 3) Identify a number of topical issues linking assessment and technology.

OUP sponsored presentation

  • Speaker: Ben Shearon, Tohoku University
  • Title: Integrating Presenting Skills into the Curriculum

Abstract Public speaking is an important skill for school, work, and life. It is also a very effective way for students to practice and strengthen their language skills. Because of this, schools and universities are increasingly opting to introduce presenting classes or integrate presenting practice into English classes. However, presenting can be a complex and intimidating activity and learning to do so in a foreign language makes it even more difficult. Breaking the complex task of presenting into a number of sub-skills is one way to make it possible for students to practice and master key aspects without being overwhelmed. This workshop will introduce a framework that allows lower-intermediate and above students to get started with presenting. It also serves as a model for how teachers could break down other complex skills. Finally, it will provide an example of how to integrate presenting skills practice into regular language classes. Suitable for teachers of teenagers and adults. Ben Shearon was born in Germany, but claims to be British. He has lived in Sendai since 2000. A Lecturer at Tohoku University, Ben also has experience teaching in Japanese elementary, junior and senior high, and private language schools. He serves as an educational advisor to Cambridge English language school and Nika Junior and Senior High School in Sendai. Ben also works as a teacher trainer, conducting presentations and workshops throughout Asia. His main areas of interest are program and curriculum design, extensive reading, self-access and technology in language learning, and presenting skills. He is the presenting skills consultant for the course book Stretch (Oxford University Press).

Short papers/presentations: See conference program The programme will include a limited number of openings for 30-minute presentations/short papers (20 minutes + 10 min Q&A), which will follow the Keynote presentation and the Oxford University Press sponsored presentation. For the short paper section of the Conference, we invite presentation proposals from JALT members as well as non-JALT members. Submissions are now closed, thank you for those who have submitted a paper.

The deadline for proposals is Friday, April 3rd, 2015. Presentation proposals will be vetted by the Conference committee. Decisions on presentation proposals will be sent out in late April. Please submit your presentation proposal for a short paper to: shikokujalt@gmail.com Submission Guidelines Presentation submissions should include the following information in the text of the email message:

  • Name: (please include any co-presenters along with the main speaker)
  • Affiliation(s):
  • Presentation title: (please keep it concise – (maximum: 60 characters/letters including spaces)
  • Abstract: (maximum: 150 words)
  • Teaching context: (eg. university, high school/jhs, primary school)
  • Research/Content area: (eg. Reading, Motivation, TBLT, Listening, Testing, CALL, Materials, etc.)
  • Equipment requests: (eg. projector, DVD, OHP)


  1. Any JALT member may attend the Conference free of charge.
  2. There is no presentation fee for JALT members with accepted proposals.
  3. One-day membership for non-members: 1000 yen
  4. There will be a presentation fee of 2000 yen for accepted proposals from non-members (in addition to the one-day membership)
  5. Co-presenter submissions are welcomed but the main speaker shall be responsible for any payment of presentation fees for non-member co-presenters one month prior to the Conference.

After the call for papers has been closed and presentations have been accepted, a detailed Conference programme will be announced in early May. At that time we will also provide detailed access, accommodation, and reception party information. We are excited to hold this Shikoku JALT Conference in Tokushima for the first time. Please consider sharing your language teaching research or practical classroom ideas at the 6th Annual Shikoku JALT Conference in Tokushima. Feel free to distribute this call for papers to teacher colleagues in your communities. Best regards, Darren Lingley & Steve Fukuda Conference Co-Chairs 6th Annual Shikoku JALT Conference (2015) ==================================================

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