The European Language Portfolio: Principles, Aims and Functions Dr. Bärbel Kühn

The CEFR provides tools for the development of language curricula, programmes of teaching and learning, textbooks, and assessment instruments. The ELP is designed to mediate to learners, teachers and schools, and other stakeholders the ethos that underpins the CEFR: respect for linguistic and cultural diversity, mutual understanding beyond national, institutional and social boundaries, the promotion of plurilingual and intercultural education, and the development of the autonomy of the individual citizen. Dr. Bärbel Kühn will present on the value of introducing an ELP with a focus on the Bremen version.

Date & Time: Monday, 28 March, 6:00 pm7:00 pm
Location: KUT & UK Eikokuji Campus 永国寺キャンパス A108号室
Fee for JALT members: Free
Fee for one-day members: 500 yen

More information on CEFR can be found here:

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