Speaking the Bright and Beautiful English of Shakespeare

BenSpeaker: Ben Crystal
The guardian of English poetry, the inventor of over 1,000 words still in use today, and one of the greatest players with our language, Shakespeare has given us a treasure trove of English to read – funny how so much of it doesn’t make sense until it’s spoken out-loud. Actor and author Ben Crystal explores the accent, the theatrical conventions, and the world of Shakespeare, to reveal a bright and beautiful English.

Day & Time: Wed. 26 April 2017, 16:30
Location: Media Hall (Kochi University Library 6F)

Sponsored by
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kochi University
JALT East Shikoku Chapter
General Education, Foreign Languages, Kochi University
Darren Lingley (lingley@kochi-u.ac.jp / 088-844-8203)
Yoshiko Seki (y-seki@kochi-u.ac.jp / 088-844-8233)

Bio: Ben Crystal, Actor / Writer / Producer
Author of Shakespeare on Toast (Icon 2008) and Springboard Shakespeare, a quartert series of introduction for Arden Shakespeare (Bloomsbury 2013). He published several books with his father David Crystal, including Shakespeare’s Words (Penguin 2002), An Illustrated Dictionary of Shakespeare (Oxford University Press 2015), and You Say Potato: The Story of English Accents (Macmillan 2014). In 2011 he performed the title role in the world contemporary premier of Hamlet in Original Pronunciation, and in 2012 he was the curator and creative director on a CD of Shakespeare in Original Pronunciation for the British Library.

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