September Event: Instructional Pragmatics

A Narrative Approach to Teaching Pragmatics and Intercultural Awareness

Date: Monday, September 16 (6:30-7:30)

Place: KUT/Kochi Prefectural University, Eikokuji Campus, Room A104

Prof. Noriko Ishihara will facilitate a workshop discussing a narrative approach to instructional pragmatics and intercultural communication. She will illustrate the approach through her own story and its interpretation. This will lead into a discussion about possible ways teachers can use their stories to teach pragmatics with their best effort not to stereotype others and essentialize cultures

Noriko Ishihara, Ph.D. is Professor of Applied Linguistics/EFL at Hosei University, Japan. She facilitates teachers’ professional development courses in Japan and the U.S. on language teaching methodology, pragmatics, and intercultural communication. Her research interests include instructional pragmatics, identity and language learning, language teacher development, and peace linguistics.

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