ESJALT Event at Kagawa University

Understanding Peer Feedback in the Writing Classroom: A Theoretical and Practical Approach

  • Date: Oct. 6th
  • Time:  14:00-16:00
  • Place:  Kagawa University, Olive Square, Global Cafe. 
  • Speaker:  Luke Draper


In the ideal writing classroom, peer feedback is an activity in which learners verbally respond
to their classmates writing with constructive criticism and revisional advice. It is a widely
researched activity with a broad range of findings, suggesting it to be either a valuable
opportunity for learners to practice critical reading and commentary or an unconstructive,
fruitless exercise depending on the study. Very little research has been conducted in the
Japanese ESL classroom, though knowledge of Japan’s teacher-centred and collectivist
academic culture would suggest peer feedback would fall flat. This workshop considers the
benefits and pitfalls of peer feedback in the Japanese ESL writing classroom. It discusses the
Sociocultural Theory that underpins the activity and explores the relevant literature. It also
briefly examines the presenter’s research into Japanese EAP learner’s evaluations of peer
feedback and offers the opportunity for participants to experience peer feedback on their
writing. Thus, this workshop discusses peer feedback from both a theoretical and practical
perspective. Audience contribution throughout is welcome.


Luke Draper is a PhD student at the University of Surrey (UK). His thesis is on Stylistic
instruction in the Higher Education Creative Writing classroom and its impact on workshop
peer feedback interactions and revisional decisions. He is an Associate Lecturer of English at
Kwansei Gakuin University, Hyogo and specialises in writing pedagogy and EAP teaching.

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