Online learning from a student’s perspective

  • Speaker: Miguel Mision
  • Date/Time: Wednesday, June 15 (7:00-8:00)
  • Details: Online event using ZOOM. Meeting details will be provided 1 day before the event.
  • Registration

Abstract: After two years of the pandemic, it is still difficult to say what a ‘normal’ classroom will be like anymore. What important lessons were learnt in these past two years, and are there benefits to online learning beyond virus prevention? The author examined perspectives and experiences on what it was like learning remotely as a university student over the course of two years. Surveys and one on one interviews were conducted on a target demographic of students. The research had surprisingly mixed results both positive and negative. Students were asked which style of learning they preferred – online, face-to-face or a blend of both. Curiously, there was a three-way split between all options in the first year. In the second year, a majority favored online or blended learning. Although many students and teachers are quick to assume that face-to-face learning allows young people to enjoy a more “normal” university life – the results indicate that there are cases where the merits of online learning exceed those of face-to-face classes.  

Bio: Miguel Mision is a lecturer at the University of Nagano, Shinshu University and Seisen Jogaukin College. He has an MA in Education majoring in TESOL with the University of Wollongong. His research interests include both Computer and Mobile Assisted Language Learning.

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