Co-sponsored event with Matsuyama JALT (September)

  • Title:  How to Teach English Pronunciation to Japanese Speakers 
  • Speaker: Joshua Popenoe
  • Date: Sunday, September 18, 10:00 a.m. JST (Joshua will be presenting from New York City on Saturday evening)
  • Registration (*required):

Abstract: Well aware of the difficulties Japanese speakers face in learning English pronunciation, and with over 20 years of study and practical experience teaching Japanese group students in New York City, I created a complete methodology for teaching English pronunciation which has proven successful. Speech is a physical skill. Our first language is spoken unconsciously thanks to muscle memory, which allows us to focus on what we’re saying, not on how we’re moving our mouth to form the words. The pronunciation of other languages however often requires consciously learning new physical mechanics, sounds and rhythm patterns, etc. This is especially true for Japanese speakers learning English. In this workshop I will present an overview of my methodology and specific examples of how I teach, including various techniques that are essential for Japanese speakers to learn. This workshop will be of value to anyone who is interested in teaching English pronunciation to Japanese or other foreign speakers. I will be delighted to answer any and all questions about my work and experience in this field. Participants are encouraged to watch my free introduction video series as a preview to my workshop. These can be found in the landing page links in my bio data below.

Bio: Joshua Popenoe worked in Japan for 16 years as a voice talent/singer and creative artist. Since returning to New York City in 1998, he has focused primarily on English pronunciation training for Japanese speakers. Joshua developed the Popenoe Method, a complete and comprehensive pronunciation training program, and produced the Popenoe Method Online Video Pronunciation Master Course, currently available as a subscription membership course. For more information on the Popenoe Method, check out this website at the following links: (English) (Japanese)

Register for event here:

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