Learner Showcase: ELL Journeys (featuring Daisuke Kanamori)

Date/time: Tuesday, December 6 (6:30-7:30)
Venue: Kochi University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Meeting Room 5 (4F)

Co-sponsored by the KU International Studies Course

In what we are planning as a new regular East Shikoku event, our ‘Learner Showcase’ series celebrates ELLs who have gone on to lead inspirational lives, thanks in part to the power of language learning. The series targets language learners through chapter outreach and draws attention to East Shikoku JALT as community language education resource.

In the first event in this new series, we invite Mr. Daisuke Kanamori to share his ELL journey that has taken him around the world. Daisuke’s journey is highlighted by humanitarian aid and refugee work in Africa, local conflict resolution accomplishments in challenging international contexts, and social contributions at home. Daisuke studied English and Intercultural Communication at university in Kochi and participated in JALT programs such as the Asian Youth Forum as an undergraduate. Bringing together language, culture, and his passion for soccer, he then founded an NPO to help children recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake Through this NPO, he led an international exchange by taking Fukushima youth to the 2012 London Olympics. Daisuke returned to school to study at Oxford and at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland (M.Litt. in Peace and Conflict Studies), and then began a career in international public service, working for NGOs in Zambia and Kenya, and then for JICA in South Sudan. Daisuke currently works for the UN in New York City.

East Shikoku JALT’s ‘Learner Showcase’ Series aims to:

  • celebrate ELLs who have enriched their lives (and society) though language study
  • celebrate the language teachers who have contributed to their journeys
  • inspire young language learners by drawing attention to successful ELL journeys
  • promote excellence in language learning and teaching
  • highlight the East Shikoku JALT chapter as a local language education resource

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