ELT Lightning Talks Seminar

November 8, 2022 From 18:00 – 20:30
KUT Eikokuji Campus, Room A106
ELT Lightning Talks Seminar

JALT East Shikoku JALT Chapter is now accepting lightning talk proposals that focus on language teaching and research. The Lightning Talk format will combine 15-minute focused presentations with a follow-up group interaction session. Discussion will continue with an informal 2022 Chapter bonenkai. Lightning Talks should be submitted by Tuesday, November 1st. Submissions are closed. Please join for our 1st ‘live’ meeting in over 2 years! 

ELT Lightning Talks Seminar lineup

Gordon BATESON, Kochi University of Technology

Lightening Talk title: Coaching students to self-correct written work using deepl.com

In this talk, the presenter will introduce a technique that allows students themselves to identify and correct errors in their English grammar and spelling using the well-known translation site deepl.com. Not only can this technique be used to ensure that students’ work is free from basic language mistakes, but also, by comparing the original English to the output from deepl.com, it can give instant and pinpoint feedback on spelling, grammar and phrasing. The presenter will demonstrate how this technique has been used on a Moodle course in which students compose texts for presentations given in English.

Michelangelo Magasic, Kochi University

Lightning Talk title: L2 speaking activities + L1 free time = Improvements in L2 speaking proficiency?

Despite literature supporting learner’s use of their L1 during L2 education, there is still debate around the effectiveness of this technique and it remains a risky proposition for teachers. This presentation will introduce the author’s experiences attempting to add focus to in-class speaking activities and invite discussion from the audience.

Kemper Johanson

Lightning Talk title: Plagiarism, paraphrasing, patchwriting: exploring where EFL students fall on the textual borrowing spectrum.

This talk will explore textual borrowing strategies EFL students employ and their academic ramifications. It is important for language instructors to consider their own expectations concerning textual borrowing. While patchwriting in a native context would be considered plagiarism, many language learners have no choice but to rely on patchwriting due to syntactic deficit in their target language. Examining how students borrow from a text allows us as instructors to reflect on what constitutes developmental borrowing and what is actually plagiarism.

Paul Daniels, Kochi University of Technology

Lightning Talk title: Group presentation evaluation

This talk will explain a peer evaluation approach for small group presentations that allows students to easily share personalized reviews and comments online. The talk will conclude with an overview of the correlation between peer assessment scores and English proficiency scores.

2 thoughts on “ELT Lightning Talks Seminar

  1. Hello! I’m very much interested in the topics proposed at the seminar. I’m currently teaching at a junior & senior high school. Although my students are exclusively interested in university entrance exams, my colleague and I are always discussing how we can improve our lessons by teaching them logical writing skills in English.
    I’m looking forward to the interesting discussions!

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