East Shikoku Event: Teaching Young Learners: Issues in Elementary English Education.

This event, held in conjunction with the Naruto Education University’s Center for English Education at Elementary Schools, featured a workshop by Stan Pederson on Seven Steps to Success with Young Learners. Pederson guided a large group of primary school English teachers through his seven steps, emphasizing song, stories and physical movement all of which encourage self-expression. All of Pederson demonstration activities provided insight into what young learners enjoy and how they learn. The workshop concluded with Pederson noting the importance of the feedback loop in setting achievable goals and assessment standards, noting that assessment for young learners is an area much in need of research in the Japan context.


The event also featured two presentations on issues related to elementary school English. Hidenori Ogyu discussed perspective of the jhs teacher in his presentation Starting Junior High School: The Current Situation and what Teachers expect from Elementary School Education. Soukichi Yoshioka presented on Issues in Elementary School English Education from the Perspective of the JTE. The event concluded with a discussion session centering on the need for a better link between elementary and junior high school English education.

Main Workshop:
Seven Steps to Success with Young Learners by Stan Pederson
We welcome Stan Pederson who shares his wealth of experience of teaching children. Young learners are less able to adapt education to their own needs. The teacher must therefore prepare more fully to provide them with a rich learning experience. This fast-paced workshop reveals the seven steps to success that apply to all your activities with young learners.
Stan Pederson Profile:
Stan is President of the Tokyo chapter of JALT and has broad experience in teaching English to young learners. He has a long list of published materials including songs, chants, games, storybooks and plays. Stan is in constant demand for teaching workshops and seminars. He instructs the Methods for Teaching Young Learners course at Kanda University of International Studies. His primary research interests are second language acquisition, curriculum development, materials design, assessment and teacher training.
In addition to our anchor workshop, we will feature two presentations on aspects of teaching young learners in formal educational contexts. Hidenori Ogyu, a teacher from Fuzoku Junior High School will present on “Starting Junior High School: The Current Situation and What Teachers Expect from Elementary School Education”. Soukichi Yoshioka, a graduate student at Naruto University of Education and teacher at Itanoshi Elementary School will present on “Issues in Elementary School English Education from the Perspective of the JTE”.
Discussion Session:
Noburo Kaneshige, Associate Professor from Naruto University of Education will lead a group discussion about some of the issues raised during the workshop and presentations. We look forward to hearing from participants.
Access information to Tokushima and Naruto Education University:
Access Map
Campus Map
Support East Shikoku JALT
Our organization has lots to offer to local teachers. We ask that you support East Shikoku JALT by regularly coming out to the meetings and encouraging others to come (friends, teachers, and all interested in language education). It would be especially nice to have a larger Japanese presence at our chapter meetings (though this is certainly improving) as well as support from teachers working in language schools and as ALT’s in the public schools. Please do encourage colleagues, friends and teachers from all walks to come along. It’s a very good chance for professional development and improving English teaching in our local area – such a big part of teaching is sharing ideas and providing professional support for each other and that’s what East Shikoku JALT is trying to do. The more local support we get, the easier it is to bring in speakers like Stan Pederson. We think joining JALT provides teachers with many benefits (the monthly TLT magazine filled with ideas and info, the JALT Journal, academic support for local teachers wishing to present their research and teaching methodologies, job information and professional development support) so please encourage friends to join JALT. However, just by coming out to support the local events is a big help and that’s fine too. We ask that all members share information on upcoming events in their respective educational circles – this so called “kuchi komi” is perhaps the best way to inform other teachers about our events. To attend a chapter event as a day-member is only 500 yen.
For more information, please contact:
Darren Lingley
President, East Shikoku JALT

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