East Shikoku JALT & JALTCALL workshop: Teaching and Learning with Technology

Sunday, October 22, 2006, 3:00 to 5:00 PM.
K-Building, 3rd floor, LL Room
Kochi University of Technology, Tosayamada-cho, Kochi-ken

campus map

car access map

I. Workshops

Paul Daniels & Timothy Gutierrez: Delivering digital content through Moodle
The free content management software called Moodle is looking to be the state of the art for some time to come in CALL. Learn how this easy-to-use system can put you in the IT driver’s seat.

Lawrie Hunter: Effective PowerPoint Presentations
PowerPoint is ubiquitous, much maligned, much misused. This sharing oriented presentation looks at the design, content and use. Power

Davey Leslie: The Website as Narrative: Scripting a site with a
notepad and a cup of coffee. Who does what? And why? And then what happens? A
guided tour to creating unique sites by a professional developer / language

II. Poster Sessions

Marcus Otlowski
Online Learning Sites
With the abundance of online English study sites it has become increasingly difficult for students to, not only find useful sites, 
but be able to move around and use the activities found on them. 
This presentation will introduce a number of websites that were 
recommended by students in Department of International Studies at 
Kochi University for their simplicity and usefulness. Participants will be able to access these websites and explore the online learning environment.

Sean Burgoine
Using mobile phones/digital cameras for storytelling.
To make storytelling more structured for the narrator and more vivid for the listener, a series of still images can be used. By recreating a story and taking pictures at certain intervals, an aid that can compensate for linguistic limitations can be made. The necessary technology, being a personal computer and digital camera, should be at every students disposal.

Michael Sharpe
Mobile Blogs

This poster session will introduce a project that involves students using their
mobile phones to create mobile blogs or MoBlogs about their daily lifestyles.

Charlie Robertson
This poster presentation will demonstrate the use of Video Storyboarding as a creative means to narrative development based on sound grammar and logical thinking.

Timothy Gutierrez & Paul Daniels
Moodle: Classroom Use

Tim Gutierrez and Paul Daniels will focus on
how Moodle’s activities can be utilized to support in-class language learning activities.

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