Speaker: Stan Pederson, Kumamoto University

We are pleased to announce our next East Shikoku JALT event, to be held on Saturday, July 5th at 10:30 at Kochi University.
Presentation: Sausage and Cheese: Games in the Elementary School English Classroom
Time: 10:30 – 12:00
Venue: Kochi University, Room 136

Workshop Content:
Like sausage and cheese, language can be served up in chunks or slices. When our learners start with chunks, they face the problem of cutting them into slices later so they can use them to say exactly what they want. When they begin with slices they face the challenge of putting them together into larger chunks they can use at once. Games can act as a knife, cutting up chunks of language or, they can act as a skewer putting smaller bits together in a tasty combination. His workshop will explore the teaching choices available and display the full range of possibilities in demonstrations of teaching games.
Speaker Profile:
Stan Pederson is a specialist in young learner FL education and assessment. Stan is currently teaching in the Faculty of Education at Kumamoto University after a long tenure with the Chiyoda-ku Board of Education where he taught English and developed curricula for Tokyo elementary schools. He also instructs courses for teachers of young learners at the graduate schools of Teachers College, Columbia University and at Kanda University of International Studies. He has private sector publishing experience with the Benesse Corporation, and has an extensive list of published materials including songs, games, storybooks and dramas, which are used at elementary schools throughout Japan. He has conducted seminars on a variety of topics including methods, instructional design and assessment for in-service teachers. Stan is an excellent presenter who regularly speaks to teacher audiences. This is his second visit to speak for East Shikoku JALT after giving a memorable workshop for teachers in June 2006 at Naruto University of Education in Tokushima.
Stan has been developing this new set of materials and activities for young learners, and he is now ready to share these with EFL teachers. Many of our local members teach young learners either privately or in elementary schools. This presentation promises to provide you with new ideas and materials for teaching English to kids, especially elementary school level. Please come and see what Stan has to offer, and we would be grateful if you could spread the word to friends and colleagues involved in young learner EFL education. Stan’s materials and approach have long proved attractive to both native speaker EFL teachers and Japanese teachers of English. This is a really good chance for teachers to come and get something practical for their EFL classes.

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