Speaker: Kusumika Chatterjee

Our next East Shikoku JALT event features Kusumika Chatterjee, a professional storyteller and educator based in Coventry, England.
Date/Time: Saturday, October 25th at Kochi University (2:00 p.m.), Room 136.
Topic: Storytelling and Language Teaching

Telling a good story is an important part of what we do with language. Kusumika will suggest a variety of techniques for helping students of all ages to tell effective stories in their second language. In addition to support with writing, grammar and the structure of stories, Kusumika will also demonstrate how storytelling can be enriched through expressive nonverbal actions such as mime, movement, puppets and masks. The powerful storytelling technique used by the speaker is based on ‘Abhinaya’, Sanskrit for “taking towards”. Her workshop content and the stories she shares are based on principles of multiculturalism.
Speaker profile:
Kusumika Chatterjee is a professional storyteller based in England. She began her career working with Mother Theresa in Calcutta and is currently working with migrant children in Coventry and Warwickshire schools. She has wide experience in the craft of storytelling and uses the medium to teach communication. Kusumika has given seminars and workshops on storytelling using mime, movement, puppets and masks to head teachers; teachers; nursery teachers; teachers of children with special needs; playgroup leaders; language assistants; bilingual support workers; school governors; parents; children; and children and adults with special needs throughout the Midlands, in Southampton, Basingstoke and London. She has extensive experience in multicultural education, and has a background in language education, drama and professional training in the arts. Kusumika’s storytelling techniques have been been profiled in The Guardian.
Kusumika is being sponsored by East Shikoku JALT while in Japan. She will be presenting lessons at Kochi University and Hiroshima University, speaking for Okayama JALT and visiting local primary/high schools in the Kochi area.
Many of our members are currently using storytelling in their university language classes, and this might be a good chance to learn more about what the craft has to offer to EFL methodology. Kusumika is a very open and sharing presenter who brings a lifetime of international experience. Please come and enjoy her stories, and learn how storytelling can be applied to the language classroom in alternative ways.

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